Diagnostics in our Practice

Orthopaedic Examination

With the help of specific orthopaedic examination methods and tests, the affected body regions are examined as precisely as possible in order to make an initial suspicious diagnosis. This determines how to further proceed. If, on the basis of the results of the orthopaedic examination, a functional disorder or injury is suspected, appropriate measures are taken for further diagnosis. If, for example, a meniscus injury is suspected, MR tomography is carried out after the orthopaedic examination to confirm the initial diagnosis and to clarify possible cracks in the meniscus.

Chriopractic Diagnostics

During chiropractic diagnostics (or manual examinations), special techniques are used to detect functional disorders in the locomotor system. This applies not only to joints and the spine but also to arms and legs. Furthermore, tensions of muscles and connective tissue are diagnosed with this method.

Ultrasound Examinations

Ultrasonic waves are completely harmless compared to X-rays. That is why ultrasound is often used in infant examinations. Ultrasound examinations (sonography) are mainly used in the diagnosis of anomalies and injuries to tendons, muscles and joints.

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