Due to the recommended restrictions, which also have an influence on our practice, we will be offering the option of tele-ordination for our patients.

We are happy to do offer tele-ordination by telephone or video call in regard to the following services:

  • Medical consultation
  • Discussion of diagnoses
  • Clinical self-examination under medical supervision
  • Temporary symptomatic pain therapy (prescriptions can be sent to the pharmacy by ELGA / E-Card or by fax.)
  • Indication and assignment to examinations (X-ray, MR, laboratory, etc.) and subsequent discussion of diagnoses. Transfers are faxed to the appropriate ordinations and complicated appointments are coordinated by us.
  • Acute presentation with appropriate indication in my ordination for physical orthopedic treatment (examination, infiltrations, injections, manual therapy etc.)
  • Inpatient admission to the sanatorium if pain conditions cannot be controlled on an outpatient basis or other inpatient acute care needs (e.g. infection)


For an appointment and consultation, please contact us via

+43 316 83 03 12

or email at


Thank you for your understanding and we hope you stay healthy,

Your Doz. Dr. Heimo Clar Team