As an orthopaedist, it is my job to maintain and improve the movability and independence of my patients and to combat restrictive pain and discomfort. With the help of a detailed anamnesis, physical examinations and specific functional tests of the locomotor system, I make the right diagnosis in order to provide you with the best possible orthopaedic treatment. As an orthopaedic surgeon, I offer patients an extensive range of proven surgical measures:

  • Arthritis (hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint, elbow joint, etc.)
  • Sports injuries and cartilage damage
  • Meniscus injuries, cruciate ligament injuries
  • Foot malpositions (hallux valgus, hammer toe, flat foot, etc.)
  • Hand and finger diseases (carpal tunnel syndrome, fasting fingers, ganglia, etc.)
  • Shoulder pain (impingement syndrome, etc.)
  • Spinal column complaints
  • Tennis elbow, heel spur, calcified shoulder
  • Pain in the ankle joint and Achilles tendon
  • Leg length differences, axis errors (O-leg, X-leg)