Hand Surgery and Therapy

Our hands connect us to the world. We make contact with our fellow citizens and feel our surroundings with them. This is why the hands should function as long – and as painlessly – as possible.

Being an established hand specialist, the treatment of the hand is one of my areas of expertise. I perform numerous therapies and about 30 surgeries every year to help patients with e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon problems, osteoarthritis or Dupuytren’s disease.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Have you noticed a numb or tingling sensation in the first three to four fingers, which also radiates into the arm? This may be a sign for carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve, which moves these fingers, is trapped in a specific area of the wrist (called carpal tunnel). This can happen, for example, with wrist arthrosis or with problems with the surrounding tendons. The result: your sense of touch and your grasping ability are reduced.

Therapy and Surgery

If detected early, carpal tunnel syndrome can be handled with conservative treatment. We achieve very good results with the help of special overnight splints or support bandages. In severe cases, the constricted nerve is relieved by surgery (under local anaesthetics). Thanks to our special pain therapy, no significant pain occurs in the postsurgical phase.

Dupuytren’s Disease

If (typically) you can no longer fully extend the little finger or ring finger, the benign connective tissue growth called Dupuytren’s disease may be the cause. This is a disease of the middle part of the palm, which severely limits the functionality of the hand and its tendons and, for example, causes knots under the skin.

Therapy or Surgery

As a hand specialist, I recommend the innovative therapy by injection, which gained recognition in recent years. This is a noninvasive treatment that loosens and removes the connective tissue strands. Of course, hand surgery is also possible. However, due to the greater probability of complications (e.g. permanent numbness due to a possibly injured skin nerve) and the remaining scar, we rarely perform these surgeries.

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