Pain Therapy

Pain is a drastic limitation of the quality of life. If outpatient measures fail, I can offer patients with additional insurance to have me take care of them as an inpatient in the sanatorium.

With infusions, physical and physiotherapeutic measures an improvement of the symptoms can be achieved. During daily rounds I discuss the fine tuning of their therapy with the patients.

If chronic spinal pain is present, high-frequency (HF) denervation of the facet joints can often lead to a long-term improvement in symptoms or even freedom from symptoms.

In HF denervation of the facet joints, nerves that transport pain signals emanating from the facet joint are temporarily interrupted or destroyed by means of high-frequency energy. These nerves are called medial branches. Each joint receives signals from a medical branch that emanates from two different layers.

The HF facet denervation is performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis and normally lasts about one hour. During the procedures you lie on your stomach on an X-ray table. Your skin will then be disinfected with an antiseptic solution and then locally anaesthetised. During the procedure under X-ray control (constant fluoroscopy), a small high-frequency needle is placed in a similar way and in a similar place to the infiltration in our practice. Sensory and motor stimulation tests are performed to ensure that the needle is placed near the medial branches and not unintentionally near other nerves.

The small nerves can grow again over time, but patients generally experience prolonged pain relief. During the period of pain relief, physiotherapy should be started to strengthen the affected areas muscularly.

If similar pain occurs again, the procedure can be repeated.

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